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Daniel tabling in front of 160 Menahan Street

Daniel tabling in front of 160 Menahan Street

Daniel Garcia, Summer Youth Employee

" I only worked at RiseBoro for some weeks but I’ve seen the help that RB gives to the community. At first I did not know what Hope Gardens was but I see now that it is housing for low-income families. I also have seen and heard the problems of the tenants in the Hope Gardens buildings and what people are doing to try to fix their problems.  Many of these buildings are cleaned by tenants since they say that NYCHA tends to take a long time to fix their problems, this being one of the many problems that they have.
Seeing the conditions that some of the buildings are in, I understand why NYCHA is trying to improve conditions in the buildings with PACT, New York City’s version of RAD. This is a program that helps buildings from decaying away with new sources of funding. I have been helping out the Hope Gardens community by informing them about the changes that NYCHA is planning to do for their buildings. I have also been tabling on the street and helping residents attend meetings so they can be informed about changes in the Community.
I feel good that I know more about my community than I did before joining RiseBoro as a summer youth employee. RB and Hope Gardens residents should continue their work not only because it helps people out but also because it is very moving to see that people actually do care about the future of their Community. "